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Since 1971
Thank you for your interest in our "Quality Crafted Travel Trailers."

All our units are custom built to order, and are sold direct from factory to you, eliminating unnecessary cost. We use the highest quality materials and workmanship in the industry. And our units compare favorably with higher priced units on the market today.

We invite you to our factory for a first hand look at our construction, which features a completely screw assembled framework and lifetime warranty on workmanship. Get our low, low prices and then shop and be convinced. Let us help you design a coach that will not only give you years of enjoyment, but will also fit your personal needs.

  Travel Units has been in business in Indiana for 38 years, and in those three decades of designing and building travel trailers and fifth-wheels the company has built only two units that were exactly the same. If there’s one message the company wants to get across, it’s that whatever the customer wants Travel Units will build. Anything. Travel Units has designed and constructed 40-foot units that have 27-foot-long, 4-foot-deep slide-outs. The company has even made towables with jacuzzis. So the sky’s the limit.

Travel Units builds just 40-some custom units a year. Word-of- mouth is how knowledge about the company and its products spreads. A high repeat customer ratio reflects the quality and creativity that goes into Travel Units products and its satisfied customers.

The only company that will truly give you what you are looking for in travel trailers, fifth wheels and park models custom built to your specification.

Because every model is different with each having its own weight value, the number of sales and the design of the chassis varies from unit to unit. Some units take two axles, some require three axles. Travel Units uses Dexter axles because of its first-rate product line and responsive service network.

The tires, rims and brakes selected depend upon the weight of the trailer. Travel Units won’t go below an eight-ply tire on a 3,500-pound axle. The company uses 10-ply tires on 6,000 and 7,000-pound axles, and when it goes to an 8,000-pound axle it uses tires that can handle 4,600 pounds each. On lightweight trailers, Travel Units uses 2-in-by-10-inch electric brakes. For the customer who wants a slide-out room, Travel Units takes ¼-inch-thick-by-6-inch wide pieces of steel that are welded to the top and bottom of the two outside main rails. To this they attach an HWH hydraulic slide-out mechanism. On top of the rails, a 2-inch-by-6-inch floor is mounted. The floor is 3/4" plywood with 3/8" plywood at bottom with residential fiberglass insulation sandwiched inside. Ducting for central heating is designed into the floor. Typically five registers deliver heated forced air from a 40,000-BYU furnace.

Three-eighths plywood goes on the outside of the walls and is covered with sheets of aluminum. Walls are lined with fiberglass insulation and are screwed to the floor. The roof is constructed using 2-by-4s, with plywood, fiberglass insulation and an exterior single sheet of rubber. The roof is radiused on the sides front and rear. Roof air conditioning is centrally ducted front to rear in the ceiling and is powered by one or mre 15,000-BTU roof air conditioners, depending upon the length of the towable. Travel Units also offers heat pumps.

Typical gray and waste holding-tank capacities are 40 gallons each, with a 55-gallon freshwater tank. If the customer wants larger tanks, that’s what will be installed. Some clients want these tanks winterized. Others don’t. To winterize them, 12-volt and 110-volt heat blankets are used. Standard LP tanks are dual 30-pounders, but 40-pound tanks are also available.

People come to Travel Units and ask, “Can we do this? Can we do that?” The answer is always, “Yes!” A customer may want all residential appliances, fixtures and furniture with solid-surface countertops, and ceramic tile. They can have it. Flooring can be ceramic tile, wood planking, parquet, carpeting, you name it. It’s the customer’s choice. Even with auxiliary gen-sels, the customer may want LP-, diesel- or gasoline-powered units. All are available.

If you have specific ideas about how to build the perfect fifth- wheel or travel trailer. Travel Units is the company to make your dream a reality --Lazelle D. Jones

To find out how accommodating the Travel Units staff really is, give them a call at (574) 293-8785.

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